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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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hurricane mathieu is bearing down on haiti with category winds, dropping heavy rain in the southeast, races for an intense storm. ahead of the and hillary cntli gonngoi head-to-head, taking heat over a ptsd comment. speaking of election, right now, julian assange wikileaks is building a major announcement. details of a mysterious polio-like illness paralyzing u.s. kids. a caution for anyone that
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and leo goes south. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm ayman mohyeldin. mathep has authorities bracing for a humanitarian disaster. thousands ofoa have reportedly refused to evacuate their homes. many still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake six years ago. they face the risk of deadly mudslides and flash flooding. at least three people have been killed in the storm as it turns past colombia and jamaica now. cuba is bracing for a major blow. even the governors of north
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of mortgages and urging residents to be prepared. >> right now the projected path is a little off the coast. it can change in a moment's notice. when that happens, we're not going to have a lot of time to be ready. be prepared ahead of time. >> nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking hurricane mathieu for us. >> lots to cover. the destruction is under way in haiti. close to the southwest peninsula and haiti. wind directions at 45 miles hour. it should strengthen overnight. it is moving to the north at a slow pace. that's why haiti is going to get so much destruction today. the other thing, we track this closer to florida. we are watching the bahamas. nasa, koeft close to the coastline, as we go through thursday into friday. all of our computer models have been trending towards florida and the southeast coast.
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we will get raked with hurricane force conditions. land fall into the carolinas. we could start the worst in florida, hurricane storm winds arriving and hurricane force winds. this orange color, possibly on the coastline of florida as early as thursday night. ahead of the vice presidential debate, eric sneiderman ordered the foundation to cease the contribution t. order report in the washington post that said the charity lacks required new york certification to seek public donation. a notice of violation letter obtained by nbc news warns the charity, quote, shall be deemed a continuing fraud upon the people of new york unless it supplies the required paperwork in the next 15 days. the trump campaign responding by this -- while we remain very
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motives behind attorney general sneiderman's do they we understand. it's labeled as a partisan hack in the past. >> trump also received new criticism after implying veterans suffering from ptsd can't handle war during a q & a, he seemed to suggest suffering vets are fought strong. >> when you talk ab the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat and they see things that lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over, you are stronger, you can handle it. >> thinking of newly leaked tax records, trump said he brilliantly used tax laws to his benefit. >> the unfairness of the tax laws is unbelievable. it's something that i have been talking about for a long time. you've heard me talking about it, despite being a birthing beneficiary. i must admit. my understanding gave me a big advantage over those who didn't
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my competitors who lost everything they had, never to be heard from again. now, they're gone. i'm here, and i'm ready to turn things around for our country. >> now hillary clinton adopted a large part of her campaign speech as he hammers away at the state of ohio. here she is talking about how the businessmen rte 1995. >> in the debate, he said it was smart to avoid paying tacks. yesterday his campaign was bragging it makes him a genius. here's my question. what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a fiscal year? >> here's what's playing out in important swing states t. latest
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up. if you have in florida. up four in pennsylvania. a statistical tie. trump is up five in ohio. clinton maintains a commanding advantage in colorado. today on the trail full court press, hillary clinton has two campaign events in pennsylvania. bill clinton is in ohio. first lady michelle obama travels to north carolina, bernie sanders is in minnesota. senior warren hits las vegas. on the republican side, donald trump has one arizona, mike pence and tim kaine are in arizona for our one and only debate. it begins here at 6:00 pacific. julian assange is holding a news conference in berlin. he is speaking via remote from the embassy in london where he has holed up for five years to avoid arrest. he says he has documents that would be damageing to hillary
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live report from london in a few minutes. tensions are escalating over syria. over the syrian human obb servetory for human rights. the cease-fire began two weeks ago around aleppo. the u.s. blames russia by intensifying attacks and preventing humanitarian aid. >> our main points were always clear, humanitarian the rereestablishment of the cesstation of hostility. >> russia has an arms control agreement. they have to disclose what materials are used in nuclear weapons achlts mystery baffling doctors and millions of children could be at risk.
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says 50 acute cases of afm has been reported this year, nearly double reported last year n. 2014, the illness terrorized 120 children, good hygiene, like washing hands thoroughly is the best defense against the virus. just ahead, a new marketplace competing to sell animal drugs and adult service. that's just for starters him we'll bring you bill karins is back with the weather. >> it's our preparation day to get the boats tied down, hurricane shutters on, we could have millions of people evacuating coastal areas in the southeast. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now here's a closer look at the day ahead. the cold air moved down into the northern rockies, out ahead of it the warm air. that's why we will see the thunderstorm threat in areas of
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what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. york city this morning. we have stunning details about the tv reality stars night in paris. kardashian said she knew she had to be calm in order to sta alive during her encounter remember she was bound and gagged and put in the bathtub. she thought she was going to be kill. two of the gunmen kept the gun at her head. the others stole $10 million of jewelry. kim kanye west is stepping up security for his wife and family. the women of poland prove strength does come in numbers. a massive conservative
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catholic church, dressed in all black, throughs took to the streets to propose a law that would make all abortions illegal, even in the case of rape or incest. if they fail and the law passes the punishment on women who seek aborings would be a five-year prison term and doctors would also be punished. >> in minutes from now, wikileaks founder julian assange in berlin with a potential october surprise. it could have a our own presidential election. he is under asylum. he is expected to appear via video link. we are following the event out of lon a. lot of anticipation of what will come out of there. >> reporter: good morning, frances. we are still waiting for julian assange to speak. wikileaks is celebrate anything never. a lot of suspectlation,
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right wing media of the october surprise from the kick wikileaks founder a. data dump that some allege could affect the u.s. presidential election. he has vaguely alluded to this on interviews with fox news. remember back in july, wikileaks published 20,000 committee e-mails, suggesting the party conspired with hillary clinton's campaign to undermine senator bernie sanders. >> that led to the res ig nation of the dnc political party gathering. u.s. officials believe the material was hacked by if u.s. government a. lot of connection about wikileaks' connection there. assange has been openly critical of clinton, tweeting about a bizarre conspiracy theory that clinton somehow sought to assassinate the wikileaks founder. he is planning a dramatic public speech on the bal cane of theic
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it was nothing any security forces have been able to confirm. he will be speaking during video links. all speculation by this guy, a master media user of the media and so he certainly intends to maximize the most media attention he can. >> we are awaiting to see if fast forward, a memorial will be held for iconic golfer arnie palmer. thousands will attend st. vincent basilica in latrobe. he died last week at the age of 87. maria sharapova will learn the fate of her two-year doping band. she tested positive in the australian open. she says she wasn't aware it was added at the beginning of the year to the list of banned
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>> saturday the "new york times" released some of donald trump's old tax returns, which they say
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or as trump's lesser known daughter tiffany put it, want to pay attention to me now, dad? tiffany, by the way. >> oh, tiffany. you know what, when jimmy fallon makes fun of you -- >> the president shared the stage with leonardo dicaprio on the south by south lawn evep. they discussed climate change administration did during his term. >> scientific consensus is if. and the argument is now over. if you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in fact or in science or empirical truth and, therefore, in my humble opinion should not be allowed to hol public office. >> he's a big activist on climate change.
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anyone that doesn't do anything for it. >> it's nice hearing south by south lawn. calming all harry potter fans. all eight movies are returning for a limited time to celebrate the upcoming release. warner brothers are screening a series across the country. so for one week only fans can catch their fate hogwarts trio in the ters they will have never before seen previews. the event starts october 13th, leading up to halloween, we will get more coming up in costumes with kids waiting in line. >> are your kid excited about these movies? >> they're a little too young, but fans of all ages are out there. you can imagine they'll be coming out. >> "fifty shades of grey" turns
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was facebook surprised with what they got with their new marketplace or not? we are hear to make sense of it all. good morning, steve. >> good morning to you, ayman, a good day for google and facebook, google thought they could crack the small market. in six years, it will be called the pixel brand and they're hoping this will galvanize the google brand and hardware. they've struggled previously to break the and samsung. an interesting story picked up by business insider. they have facebook, the marketplace to ebay apparently and craigslist, people are embracing and violating the policies, what you can cand not sell, fish, a farm hand, baby hedgehog that should be off littles. wells fargo, a cnbc interview,
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had suspended investment with wells fargo. whether or not it has implications on the costs taxpayers are paying remains to be seen as well. but another harsh reaction to the wells fargo story. back to you. >> thanks for that piece in london for us. a st. louis woman has crossed one official item off her bucket list. 102-year-old edie sims was st home. she wanted to. she expressed her wish to be apprehended for the very first time. missouri police put her in handcuffs and in the back of a patrol car for a friendly ride. they were happy to fulfill her dream. maybe she has been a goody two shoes all her life. finally, she can get to be a bad girl.
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once again, here's the latest. the forecast has shifted towards florida, south carolina and north carolina. i would expect mandatory evacuations early this morning, hurricane watchles likely this g. hurricane raking the coastline from florida to the carolinas as we go into our columbus day weekend. obviously, potential for a lot of destruction here in the u.s. as we watch that occurring in areas of haiti, guys. >> something to watch the next couple day, thank you. many people on the west coast are waking up to a major earthquake from seismologists.
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cakes could be a precursor to the long feared big one. >> reporter: the ground started shaking 200 small earthquakes where earthquake similarities said the big one could erupt. fearing the swarm of earthquakes could send off a bigger quake away from the monster fault san andreas. there are several major faults running through this area. this neighborhood above the san andreas t. line is the direction of the fault. many people here are still unprepared. scientists say there is a 85% chance of a large earthquake ripping through southern california the next two years t. state is two years away from an
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could kill as many as 1,800 and injure 50,000, now an unprecedented warning in a region still far from ready. >> this morning prince harry is telling us a smile is contagious t. prince met with a group of ch inin london overnight to honor kid who inspire others by living life to the fullest, despite suffering from a serious it's illness t.ri children's positivity and humor took his breath away. >> it's so nice to see the kids smile and the parents around them. look at the smile on their faces. >> it's adorable. >> the royals are always out and put a spotlight on the children. >> across the board. let that be the start of your day and put a smile on your face as well. >> thanks so much for being with us here for "early today." have a great tuesday.
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now on today in iowa: the mess left behind. the state is painting a clear picture of how much flood damage we've seen in eastern iowa. head to head. the vice presidential debate is tonight. and what's with the water? one creek has people lining up to take pictures -- because they've never seen anything like it. i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. we are starting off pretty mild this morning... temps are in the mid to upper 50s with southeast winds at 5 to 15 mph keeping


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